Women in Sports – Prague Raptors Football Club

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Name: Luis

Something about yourself: Pereira (Prague Raptors are an New, Inclusive, Multi-Cultural, Non-Profit Football Club (Men’s & Ladies teams) based in Prague, Czech Republic! #GoRaptors #AttackAsOne)

Women in Sports – Prague Raptors Football Club

What is the biggest barrier in driving visibility of women’s sport?

I would say that the biggest barrier is the football associations and Federations are not investing enough time and money in women’s football, we almost dont see any advertisement for women’s football. There is no Tv Channels channels showing the highlights of the games in the top women’s leagues in the world. there is just not enough efforts from the Football Associations and Federations to make women’s Sports grow and be at the same level as the male football. Which is a shame because there are amazing female football athletes everywhere.

Why do you think it is taking so long for things to change?

Its taking so long for things to change because, the Football associations around the world are not showing enough interest in promoting Female Sports they way they should. Once these entities start giving treating female and male sports equally, then everyone else will do the same. but the example needs to come from the big entities so that all the others follow it.

Do you think male athletes can do anything to help drive visibility of female sports?

Off course, the male athletes should use their influence, to promote female sports.

What role do you think sponsorship brands should play in creating awareness about women in sports?

Sponsorship brands play a big role in supporting and creating awareness about women’s sports, off course it benefits the brands, sports sponsorship is also advantageous for the teams and the brand’s own employees. Having sponsorship funding allows athletes and clubs to focus more on the training and production of their sports and reduces stress when it comes to finding money to train and put on events.

What needs to change in order for women’s sports to be taken as seriously as men’s?

I would say that the attitude and priorities of the Big sports entities needs to change in regards to treating male and female sports equally so that everyone else follows up. Once this is done we will see big changes

Encourage women…

To follow whatever goal they have in sports because it is possible, be and do whatever they want, because women can achieve the same as men, or even more than men.

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