Women in Football.

What is the biggest barrier in driving visibility of women’s sport?

No promotion, no sponsors, not talking about it on social media. But the most important, not supporting female teams in the football field, as public. Go to the games, people, that’s what is needed to support them.

Why do you think it is taking so long for things to change?

Boys have been playing massively football since ages. Girls playing were weird or simply not expected, due assumed gender roles. Now things are changing, but slowly because there are still few females playing in the kids leagues.

Do you think male athletes can do anything to help drive visibility of female sports?

Yeah, of course. Support your female companions, show them they are good players too, encourage them.

What role do you think sponsorship brands should play in creating awareness about women in sports?

Sponsorships are important because the female teams need monetary support. Most football female players are not being paid. They play for free of for not much.

What needs to change in order for women’s sports to be taken as seriously as men’s?

More visibility, going to the stadium, treat them as athletes.

Encourage women…

Girls and women who play football. You are changing the world. This sport is for everyone and you are doing it well. Never stop dreaming, but work hard. You can do it.