Woman in football – Ewurama Kakraba-Ampeh from Ghana!

Name: Ewurama Kakraba-Ampeh

Something about yourself: I am a 23 year old Ghanaian pursuing a career in sports management and love to explore how sport can be used to drive social development and environmental protection/conservation. I produce and co-host a women’s football podcast with a friend (shout out to Afua Bohulu) where we talk about all things pertaining to the game with a major focus on the sport in Africa.

Women in Sports

What is the biggest barrier in driving visibility of women’s sport?

Poor accessibility to women’s sports greatly hinders efforts to enhance its visibility; the two go hand in hand, a deficit on one end affect the other. I think cultural barriers to women’s (including girls) participation in sports also makes it hard to drive visibility.

Why do you think it is taking so long for things to change?

Well, here in Africa, I think the people at the helm of affairs are focused more on growing the men’s end of sport than they are on the women’s. And that’s probably because there’s more attention and effort given to growing men’s sports than there is for the women which also stem from decades of women being barred from participating in sports.

Do you think male athletes can do anything to help drive visibility of female sports?

Certainly. Male athletes can be allies for their female counterparts and give them all the support they may need. It’s not a “men vs women” thing, we all just want to be able to do what we love.

What role do you think sponsorship brands should play in creating awareness about women in sports?

Brands won’t put their money in something they see no value in. It’s up to the sport administrators to make the sports valuable to brands and they will come knocking. Brands can also partner with the many organizations and initiatives that exist which use sport to create positive social impacts such as Football for Water, Sseninde Foundation, Global Goals World Cup, etc.

What needs to change in order for women’s sports to be taken as seriously as men’s?

There needs to be a massive shift in the (cultural) perception of women’s sports and athletes. Women’s sports exist in their own right and should not be treated as “second-class citizens”. 

Encourage women…

You are strong. You are intelligent. You are unique. You are capable of more than you know. There are no barriers to what you set your mind to do, you only have to believe you can do it. Stay awesome!

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