#WikiLeaks : ODM Pre-planned 2007 Election Chaos

June 14, 2020

WikiLeaks, an international non-profit organization that publishes news leaks and classified media, released a document, allegedly showing ODM Party’s secret plans leading up to the 2007 General Election.

The draft plan dated September 8, 2007, titled Executive Brief on the Positioning and Marketing of the Orange Democratic Movement & ‘The People’s President’ gave details startling ways to secure a win.

“This document is intended to provide the conceptual guidelines and roadmap for the periods leading up to the presidential elections set for December 2007. This document notes the challenges and obstacles likely to confront the candidate. These include Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka’s potential to play spoiler, the financial muscle of the Mt Kenya elite and their potential to play rough and dirty,” the contentious document reads in part.

Nine key strategies were allegedly drawn up by the ODM team.

“Ethnic violence as a last resort rationalised by the need to discourage voter participation in hostile areas and is to be activated by: Continued pro-majimbo utterances, use of ODM agents on the ground to engineer ethnic tensions in target areas, supporting Kapondi’s forces in Mt Elgon and using leaflets targeting Kikuyu’s and Kisii’s,” reads the 9th strategy in part.

Some of the other alleged plans included using corruption to attack the incumbent government as well as attacking former President Mwai Kibaki’s age as a tool to alienate him from the young voters, among other devious schemes.

The document which is tagged as ‘Confidential’ goes to list down various party donors and their purported contributions to the cause.

“Ksh9,435,200 is owed to various media houses which are now demanding upfront payment for all our advertising,” reads an excerpt from the write-up. This being the contest of a lifetime, the party should employ all available means to ensure a victory. Subterranean campaigns will, therefore, form a critical component of our activities. Corruption in the Kibaki Government, the mess of Kibaki’s domestic situation and the soap opera of the Artur brothers provides ready material for this year.”

Several other documents were posted on the WikiLeaks site touching on some of the most sensitive topics in the country.

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