What are you up to?

2023 CECAFA U18: Group A Standings and Upcoming Matches
November 19, 2019

I have been thinking about this blog post for a while now but did not know how to start or what to say. I named it What are you up to because no one really knows what we are planning to do or are doing, let me explain: Like right now what’s happening in your life? school? family or heart. Someone somewhere is hurting, happy, sad or angry about something, someone is going to give birth, someone just started dating, someone is in love, someone just got dumped, someone is waiting for him/her to respond to ‘What are we, can we talk and when can we meet.’ I went for an interview on a Saturday, yup! I know even when I saw the email it came as a shock, like why that day and time. But, what caught my eye was the number of guys who were shortlisted, daaaaaaaaaamn people are really looking for jobs out here and something hit me in my heart. We have different plans that no one else know about and will only let it out when someone asks or when we feel like sharing. What are you up to is a huge topic because it covers everyone who is up to something that only they know about. Someone is planning a birthday surprise, someone just died, someone is starting school, someone just got fired, someone is hurt, someone is about to shoot their shot. This just shows how different we all are in every aspect of life, and how much kindness we need to show towards people since we dont know what they are going and been through.

I cant hug each and every one of you but I just want you to know that ” I see you doing your thing over there and I’m proud of you.” I hope you will heal and be happy again because God is amazing and remember you still uses broken sticks to draw straight lines.

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