Thika Road sections to be closed for seven weeks

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Thika highway service lanes have been closed to public for seven weeks to allow for the construction of a footbridge at Survey of Kenya.

The Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) in a notice to motorists said the partial closure will remain in place until April 13.

“The outer lanes (service lanes) shall be closed to traffic and we request motorists to exercise caution when approaching the two sections during the day and at night. Motorists should also comply with the traffic management plan to be applied during the next three days,” said director general Peter Mundinia.

Traffic will be diverted to the motorcycle and bicycle lanes to enable the contractor do his work. The busy section is a crucial link to Mathare slums, the National Youth Service engineering school, the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, and De La Rue money printing premises.

The other section leads to GSU headquarters and connects motorists to the Outer Ring interchange constructed last year by a Chinese company.

The Survey footbridge will facilitate safe crossing of pedestrians and free flow of traffic along the busy expressway way.

The others are Garden City, Witeithie, and Mang’u.

The Witeithie footbridge was opened last weekend, three years after KeNHA commissioned a local contractor to implement it.

The Garden City footbridge is at 10 percent completion, while the Mang’u one is 70 percent complete.

The Thika superhighway is one of Kenya’s busiest roads, handling about 200,000 vehicles daily, linking Nairobi to key agricultural counties in central Kenya, and to eastern and northeastern regions.

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