The FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup Round of 16 teams qualified, knockout bracket, match schedule, fixtures

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The 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand has progressed to the Round of 16, marking the transition from the group stage to only 16 teams remain as they vie for the ultimate victory in the tournament.

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup officially begins on July 20 in Auckland.

FIFA had already set the entire bracket before the tournament began, with only the final group stage results filling in the slots. From this point forward, the competition transforms into a knockout stage where you— either win and advance or go home.

Sixteen teams have qualified for the first knockout round and 16 teams have been eliminated following the knockout stage.

Group A1. Switzerland-Qualified2. Norway-Qualified3. New Zealand-Eliminated4. Philippines-Eliminated
Group B1. Australia-Qualified2. Nigeria-Qualified3. Canada-Eliminated4. Rep. of Ireland-Eliminated
Group C1. Japan-Qualified2. Spain-Qualified3. Zambia-Eliminated4. Costa Rica-Eliminated
Group D1. England-Qualified2. Denmark-Qualified3. China-Eliminated4. Haiti-Eliminated
Group E1. Netherlands-Qualified2. USA-Qualified3. Portugal-Eliminated4. Vietnam-Eliminated
Group F1. France-Qualified2. Jamaica-Qualified3. Brazil-Eliminated4. Panama-Eliminated
Group G1. Sweden-Qualified2. South Africa-Qualified3. Italy-Eliminated4. Argentina-Eliminated
Group H1. Colombia-Qualified2. Germany-Eliminated3. Morocco-Qualified4. South Korea-Eliminated

World Cup Round of 16

Sat, Aug. 5Switzerland (1A) vs.
Spain (2C)
Auckland (NZL)
Sat, Aug. 5Japan (1C) vs.
Norway (2A)
Wellington (NZL)
Sun, Aug. 6Netherlands (1E) vs.
South Africa (2G)
Sydney (AUS)
Sun, Aug. 6Sweden (1G) vs.
USA (2E)
Melbourne (AUS)
Mon, Aug. 7England vs.
Nigeria (2B)
Brisbane (AUS)
Mon, Aug. 7Australia (1B) vs.
Denmark (2D)
Sydney (AUS)
Tue, Aug. 8Colombia (1H) vs.
Jamaica (2F)
Melbourne (AUS)
Tue, Aug. 8France (1F) vs.
Morocco (2H)
Adelaide (AUS)

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