South Africa: Telkom South Africa launches WhatsApp digital payment service for users of any network

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December 4, 2020

Telkom South Africa has launched Telkom Pay, a digital wallet service that runs through WhatsApp. Customers of any mobile networks can use Telkom Pay to send money to anyone with a mobile phone number and requires no other application or software.

Users add Telkom Pay on WhatsApp using 068 483 5566 and can then message this contact and follow the prompts to enable Telkom Pay. Telkom Pay users can pay other South Africans using their mobile phone number, or can request payment by sending a “Please Pay Me” invoice message to other users.

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QR Code payments are also supported, and customers will be able to pay their airtime, data, and electricity bills using the service. They can add funds to their Telkom Pay Digital Wallet via EFT, Nedbank ATM, or at a Pick n Pay store, and make withdrawals from Nedbank ATMs and Pick n Pay.

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