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Safeboda’s app product features for urban transportation

The features are set to improve the industry for both drivers and passengers by increasing the number of safe trips taken per day and by making travel around cities convenient and stress-free.


Safeboda gives you a top up option on the app where you can transfer money from your Mobile Money to your account. A user can keep track of the fare they use per day, week or monthly for planning purposes.


Safeboda have introduced the* SHARE* feature to transfer your money from your Cashless Account to any other Cashless account instantly and with NO FEE!

3. Digital Proof of Delivery receipts

Track your deliveries with the simply POD (Proof of Delivery) option available on your Safeboda app. You will receive a receipt after each delivery you make.

How to Order Food Delivery From Restaurants Online using your Safeboda App

Download the Safeboda app here: Find APP and install the service’s app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Create an account and place your order.

Use your location to find any restaurant near you or offering what you are looking for

Give instructions (like leaving the food at your door) to the rider.

They have added “contactless” deliveries. And you can ask them to leave the food at your door, so you don’t even have to interact with the delivery driver during this time.

You have an option of sending a message to the delivery person through the app and ask them to leave the food at the door when they arrive.

Wash your hands right after you touch the container and before you eat.

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