Premier League: Leeds face Man United and Liverpool in April

Premier League to make drastic changes to VAR process after Liverpool goal controversy

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Leeds face Liverpool on April 19 and Man Utd on April 25; while Man City are in action at Aston Villa; top-four chasers West Ham and Chelsea meet in crunch London derby.

The London derby between top-four rivals West Ham and Chelsea on Saturday April 24, while April 18th will see Arsenal and Fulham.

A midweek selection – Chelsea vs Brighton, Tottenham vs Southampton and Aston Villa vs Manchester City – meet on Tuesday April 20 and Wednesday April 21 after the original games were postponed due to the FA Cup.

Latest confirmed Premier League games

Sat Apr 3: Leicester vs Man City – Kick-Off 7.30pm

Sat Apr 3: Arsenal vs Liverpool – Kick-Off 10pm

Sun Apr 4: Southampton vs Burnley – Kick-Off 2 pm

Sun Apr 4: Newcastle vs Tottenham – Kick-Off 4.05pm

Sun Apr 4: Aston Villa vs Fulham – Kick-Off 6.30pm

Mon Apr 5: Everton vs Crystal Palace – Kick-Off 8pm

Mon Apr 5: Wolves vs West Ham – Kick-Off 10.15pm

Sat Apr 10: Liverpool vs Aston Villa – Kick-Off 5 pm

Sat Apr 10: Crystal Palace vs Chelsea – Kick-Off 7.30pm

Sun Apr 11: Burnley vs Newcastle – Kick-Off 2pm

Sun Apr 11: West Ham vs Leicester – Kick-Off 4.05pm

Sun Apr 11: Tottenham vs Man Utd – Kick-Off 6.30pm

Mon Apr 12: West Brom vs Southampton – Kick-Off 8pm

Mon Apr 12: Brighton vs Everton – Kick-Off 10.15pm

Fri Apr 16: Everton vs Tottenham – Kick-Off 10 pm

Sat Apr 17: Newcastle United vs West Ham – Kick-Off 2.30pm

Sat Apr 17: Wolves vs Sheffield United – Kick-Off 5pm

Sun Apr 18: Arsenal vs Fulham – Kick-Off 3.30pm

Sun Apr 18: Man Utd vs Burnley – Kick-Off 6pm

Mon Apr 19: Leeds vs Liverpool – Kick-Off 10pm

Tue Apr 20: Chelsea vs Brighton – Kick-Off 10pm

Wed Apr 21: Tottenham vs Southampton – Kick-Off 8pm

Wed Apr 21: Aston Villa vs Man City – Kick-Off 10.15pm

Fri Apr 23: Arsenal vs Everton – Kick-Off 10pm

Sat Apr 24: West Ham Utd v Chelsea – Kick-Off 7.30pm

Sat Apr 24: Sheffield United vs Brighton – Kick-Off 10pm

Sun Apr 25: Leeds vs Man Utd – Kick-Off 4pm

Mon Apr 26: Leicester vs Crystal Palace – Kick-Off 10pm

There will be a third season-long UEFA men’s football club competition for the first time in more than 20 years next season.

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