Premier League: Leeds face Man United and Liverpool in April

Premier League to make drastic changes to VAR process after Liverpool goal controversy
March 30, 2021

Leeds face Liverpool on April 19 and Man Utd on April 25; while Man City are in action at Aston Villa; top-four chasers West Ham and Chelsea meet in crunch London derby.

The London derby between top-four rivals West Ham and Chelsea on Saturday April 24, while April 18th will see Arsenal and Fulham.

A midweek selection – Chelsea vs Brighton, Tottenham vs Southampton and Aston Villa vs Manchester City – meet on Tuesday April 20 and Wednesday April 21 after the original games were postponed due to the FA Cup.

Latest confirmed Premier League games

Sat Apr 3: Leicester vs Man City – Kick-Off 7.30pm

Sat Apr 3: Arsenal vs Liverpool – Kick-Off 10pm

Sun Apr 4: Southampton vs Burnley – Kick-Off 2 pm

Sun Apr 4: Newcastle vs Tottenham – Kick-Off 4.05pm

Sun Apr 4: Aston Villa vs Fulham – Kick-Off 6.30pm

Mon Apr 5: Everton vs Crystal Palace – Kick-Off 8pm

Mon Apr 5: Wolves vs West Ham – Kick-Off 10.15pm

Sat Apr 10: Liverpool vs Aston Villa – Kick-Off 5 pm

Sat Apr 10: Crystal Palace vs Chelsea – Kick-Off 7.30pm

Sun Apr 11: Burnley vs Newcastle – Kick-Off 2pm

Sun Apr 11: West Ham vs Leicester – Kick-Off 4.05pm

Sun Apr 11: Tottenham vs Man Utd – Kick-Off 6.30pm

Mon Apr 12: West Brom vs Southampton – Kick-Off 8pm

Mon Apr 12: Brighton vs Everton – Kick-Off 10.15pm

Fri Apr 16: Everton vs Tottenham – Kick-Off 10 pm

Sat Apr 17: Newcastle United vs West Ham – Kick-Off 2.30pm

Sat Apr 17: Wolves vs Sheffield United – Kick-Off 5pm

Sun Apr 18: Arsenal vs Fulham – Kick-Off 3.30pm

Sun Apr 18: Man Utd vs Burnley – Kick-Off 6pm

Mon Apr 19: Leeds vs Liverpool – Kick-Off 10pm

Tue Apr 20: Chelsea vs Brighton – Kick-Off 10pm

Wed Apr 21: Tottenham vs Southampton – Kick-Off 8pm

Wed Apr 21: Aston Villa vs Man City – Kick-Off 10.15pm

Fri Apr 23: Arsenal vs Everton – Kick-Off 10pm

Sat Apr 24: West Ham Utd v Chelsea – Kick-Off 7.30pm

Sat Apr 24: Sheffield United vs Brighton – Kick-Off 10pm

Sun Apr 25: Leeds vs Man Utd – Kick-Off 4pm

Mon Apr 26: Leicester vs Crystal Palace – Kick-Off 10pm

There will be a third season-long UEFA men’s football club competition for the first time in more than 20 years next season.

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