People we love have people they love

2023 CECAFA U18: Group A Standings and Upcoming Matches

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You only see a person’s true colors whey they are mad at you, drunk or in front of people they love.

Do you have friends? like they know y’all are friends and takes that seriously or it’s more of a one way situation where you are the only one who consider them as a friend. Are they proud to have you as a friend or you only get calls or texts when your services are needed, not necessarily presence just services. Do they know where you live? study? have they ever been interested in knowing you or family. Why do we invest so much into people who if we die tomorrow wont get affected by your absence, I know its hard but what if their actions portray what they feel about you. I have seen what friendship looks like and I know you have too so why don’t you look for something ‘perfect’ since they already have each other and you will never fit their squad description. We have people who love us and appreciate our presence why don’t we build that and grow it into something that will make us feel wanted and worthy.

Have you ever been in a situation where if you don’t talk no one will check up on you? but when they need help you will do anything to make sure that they are alright. Its not normal imagine!

What do they say when y’all are fighting? could be over text or face to face, and do they use kind words or they just don’t care about what comes out of their mouth.

Words are painful, I’d rather have someone punch me in the face instead. People we love have people they love and this means they’ll never choose you no matter how much of a loving, kind and caring person you are.

At the end of the day no one really doesn’t like texting or receiving phone calls because ‘INA DEPEND NI NANI.’ I pray that you will meet people who will love and appreciate you and your craft. Someone who will hug you out of nowhere because they feel in their heart that you are not okay even without forcing you to share it.

God bless!!!!!!

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