MUST HAVE!! List of Most Used Apps In 2020

App development is beneficial to extend the reach of a business/website to the mobile users. Billions of people around the world are using smartphone devices to reach those people is creating a mobile app for your business.


It supports communication between international phone networks and has many chat features such as video calling, audio calling, chat message deletion, emojis, status and more.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion


The world’s most popular social networking website and application. Facebook app is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and all other major mobile platforms for social and business communications.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion


This is a photo sharing and social networking application with unique features like square image format, filters and has a web version.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion


The app allows users to chat with other Snapchat users and send messages, photos, short videos and more.

Downloads – 500 million – 1 billion


Uber is an easy, convenient, safe and cost-effective way of transporting within or nearby your city. Since it is a location-based app, Uber works fine on any GPS-enabled mobile device.

Downloads – 100 million – 500 million


It is a complete video viewing and sharing an application that works on mobile and desktop devices. It has features such as offline downloading. YouTube is the biggest host of videos on the planet and also offers monetization options to users.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion


TikTok took fourth place in the list of most downloaded iPhone apps for 2019. The only apps with more downloads were YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. TikTok even managed to achieve more downloads on Apple’s mobile platform than Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, and Netflix.


Zoom is a video conferencing app, geared towards business usage. It was founded in 2011, by Eric Yuan, and launched in January 2013. The app entered the public consciousness during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

December 2019~ 10 million
March 2020200 million +
April 2020300 million +


Houseparty has focused on enabling what it calls “shared experiences”, offering in-app games such as trivia or screen-sharing services that allow friends to go on dating apps or watch TV programmes together.

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