Milele FM Presenter Jalang’o Responds to Leaked Screenshots on Edgar Obare’s page

May 21, 2020

Popular radio presenter Jalang’o found himself in the eye of the public on Monday, after blogger Edgar Obare published several screenshots, allegedly from a Whatsapp group.

Both Obare and Jalang’o featured among the biggest topics of discussion on social media platforms. The screenshots which alleged that Jalang’o and his close friends have a group where they share images of various women, further ranking themselves based on their romantic conquests.

Jalang’o announced that he was fine and doing well, further choosing to address Obare directly without delving into details of the alleged group.

“There’s no problem. Let him (Edgar Obare) keep doing what he is doing,” he stated. Jalang’o has previously stated that Obare’s pieces which were aimed at tarnishing his name and reputation.

Obare claimed in February 2020 that he feared for his life after receiving threatening calls from the presenter following an earlier exposé.

The presenter, however, dismissed the claims as he maintained that he was focused on his work and family, insisting that the allegations would not blur his focus.

“I will not even bother asking or following who you are who talks to bloggers and lies to them about me, just malice! pure malice! I have a lot on my plate to even bother with you and if you are honest about being threatened you don’t post, you report,” Jalango responded.

“It is easy to lie about someone but you have to go to great lengths to make up proof. My followers know me, I ask for evidence and they know I can turn against them if they lie. And I also know who they are,” Edgar Obare.

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