On July 15th, a group of Arsenal fans came together to release a letter addressed to club owner, Stan Kroenke.

The two-page document accused the American of being passive and absent.

The letter also states that fans felt more marginalized and not listened to.

You can read the full document below.

Stan Kroenke’s son, Josh, has took part in a rather long interview with Arsenal, on July 16th.

One of the topics discussed was Arsenal’s fans.

When asked ‘what do you say to our skeptics and to all our fans?’, Josh Kroenke responded:

“To all of our fans I say ‘thank you’. Without their support, we wouldn’t have a club. We need their support to be able to go out and do what we do.

“I think there’s always going to be challenges in everything we do as a club, whether we’re having the ultimate success on the pitch or not.

“But we need to understand that we are a group together and we all have the same interests. We’re really excited about the challenges that lie ahead and we’re not going to shy away from them. We’re excited to one day look back and point at these moments, where this group came together, as the start of something Arsenal’s official website.


Kroenke also spoke out about Arsenal’s transfer dealings this summer.

The Gunners have brought in just one player, in the form of Gabriel Martinelli and have been heavily linked with both Kieran Tierney and William Saliba.

Josh Kroenke claimed that Arsenal fans should be excited:

“I would say ‘be excited’. There are a few things that I know our group are working on, and a few things we hopefully have on the doorstep.

“Nothing is ever a done deal until it’s a done deal, obviously, but we know we have key areas we want to address in our squad, both now and in the future.

“Our entire football operations staff have a great grasp on that and I’ve encouraged them to be as aggressive as possible.” Arsenal’s official website.