How to watch 2021-22 Champions League: Teams, fixtures, TV channels and streams

Champions League 2023/24: Everything you need to know

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Europe’s top club competition is set to begin in the 2021-22 season

The group stage of the 2021-22 Champions League is set to kick-off on Tuesday with Chelsea beginning their title defense against Zenit.

Juventus meet Malmo in Group H, while Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United will be in action at Young Boys in Group F.

However, the biggest clash of Matchday 1 will see Group E rivals Barcelona and Bayern come face-to-face at Camp Nou for the first time since Blaugrana’s 2-8 drubbing at the same venue in last season’s quar

Real Madrid take on Inter in Group D, Dortmund have a trip to Besiktas in Group C and Liverpool are in for a date with AC Milan in Group B.

In Group A, it will be Manchester City vs RB Leipzig and Club Brugge vs Paris Saint-Germain, who also have Lionel Messi on their side this time around.

The Champions League 2020-21 group stage begins with matches on Tuesday, September 14, and Wednesday, September 15.

There will be a total of six gameweeks in the group stage, with the last series of matches taking place on Tuesday, December 7 and Wednesday, December 8.

The draw for the new UEFA Women’s Champions League group stage will be streamed live from Nyon on Monday 13 September.

Tuesday 14 September
Group E: Barcelona vs Bayern, Dynamo Kyiv vs Benfica
Group F
: Young Boys vs Man. United, Villarreal vs Atalanta
Group G: Sevilla vs Salzburg, LOSC vs Wolfsburg
Group H: Chelsea vs Zenit, Malmö vs Juventus

Wednesday 15 September
Group A: Man. City vs Leipzig, Club Brugge vs Paris
Group B: Atlético de Madrid vs Porto, Liverpool vs AC Milan
Group C: Beşiktaş vs Dortmund, Sporting CP vs Ajax
Group D: Sheriff vs Shakhtar Donetsk , Inter vs Real Madrid

Matchday 2

Tuesday 28 September
Group A: Paris vs Man. City, Leipzig vs Club Brugge
Group B: AC Milan vs Atlético de Madrid, Porto vs Liverpool
Group C: Ajax vs Beşiktaş , Dortmund vs Sporting CP
Group D: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Inter , Real Madrid vs Sheriff

Wednesday 29 September
Group E: Bayern vs Dynamo Kyiv, Benfica vs Barcelona
Group F
: Atalanta vs Young Boys, Man United vs Villarreal
Group G: Salzburg vs LOSC, Wolfsburg vs Sevilla
Group H: Zenit vs Malmö, Juventus vs Chelsea

Matchday 3

Tuesday 19 October
Group A: Club Brugge vs Man. City, Paris vs Leipzig
Group B: Atlético de Madrid vs Liverpool, Porto vs AC Milan
Group C: Beşiktaş vs Sporting CP, Ajax vs Dortmund
Group D: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Real Madrid, Inter vs Sheriff

Wednesday 20 October
Group E: Barcelona vs Dynamo Kyiv, Benfica vs Bayern
Group F
: Young Boys vs Villarreal, Man. United vs Atalanta
Group G: Salzburg vs Wolfsburg , LOSC vs Sevilla
Group H: Chelsea vs Malmö, Zenit vs Juventus

Matchday 4

Tuesday 2 November
Group E: Dynamo Kyiv vs Barcelona, Bayern vs Benfica
Group F
: Villarreal vs Young Boys, Atalanta vs Man. United
Group G: Wolfsburg vs Salzburg, Sevilla vs LOSC
Group H: Malmö vs Chelsea , Juventus vs Zenit

Wednesday 3 November
Group A: Man. City vs Club Brugge, Leipzig vs Paris
Group B: AC Milan vs Porto , Liverpool vs Atlético de Madrid
Group C: Sporting CP vs Beşiktaş, Dortmund vs Ajax
Group D: Real Madrid vs Shakhtar Donetsk, Sheriff vs Inter

Matchday 5

Tuesday 23 November
Group E: Dynamo Kyiv vs Bayern,, Barcelona vs Benfica
Group F
: Villarreal vs Man United, Young Boys vs Atalanta
Group G: Sevilla vs Wolfsburg, LOSC vs Salzburg
Group H
: Malmö vs Zenit, Chelsea vs Juventus

Wednesday 24 November
Group A: Man. City vs Paris, Club Brugge vs Leipzig
Group B: Atlético de Madrid vs AC Milan, Liverpool vs Porto
Group C: Beşiktaş vs Ajax , Sporting CP vs Dortmund
Group D: Inter vs Shakhtar Donetsk , Sheriff vs Real Madrid

Matchday 6

Tuesday 7 December
Group A: Paris vs Club Brugge, Leipzig vs Man. City
Group B: Porto vs Atlético de Madrid, AC Milan vs Liverpool
Group C: Dortmund vs Beşiktaş, Ajax vs Sporting CP
Group D: Real Madrid vs Inter, Shakhtar Donetsk vs Sheriff

Wednesday 8 December
Group E: Benfica vs Dynamo Kyiv, Bayern vs Barcelona
Group F
: Man. United vs Young Boys, Atalanta vs Villarreal
Group G: Salzburg vs Sevilla, Wolfsburg vs LOSC
Group H
: Juventus vs Malmö Zenit vs Chelsea

Knockout stage dates

Round of 16 draw: 13 December
Round of 16 first legs: 15/16/22/23 February
Round of 16 second legs: 8/9/15/16 March

Quarter-final and semi-final draw: 18 March
Quarter-final first legs: 5/6 April
Quarter-final second legs: 12/13 April
Semi-final first legs: 26/27 April
Semi-final second legs: 3/4 May
Final: 28 May

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