How To Code For Beginners

1 What Is Coding?

The act of writing code that is compiled to form programs, that can be executed by a computer or a code reader, and that has a specific function or set of functions.

2 Why Should I Learn To Code?

You will gain the skills to be able to build websites from scratch, create mobile games, and program data analysis packages.

3. Choose The Right Languages


Java is versatile, and it is used for things like Android app creation and back-end web development. It is simple to learn, it reads like English, and there is a lot of work out there for entry-level Java programmers. If you know Java, you can be a software developer, a web app developer, a database manager, work with automatization, simulations, visualization, and many more fields.


Python is used to create data analysis programs to help their studies. It is also behind the rise of new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Allows for the smooth integration of both front and back-end components of a new website through the Ruby on Rails framework.


Solidity is the primary language for smart contract development on the Ethereum blockchain.


Front-end web development = HTML. Used for marking up text so that computers can understand it, HTML (or Hypertext Markup Language) is one of the simplest languages to learn.


Allows you to do things like change the color and size of elements, change the position of elements on a webpage, and change the entire layout of a webpage.


JavaScript is another language that is quite versatile and extremely widespread eg. Java and Python, It allows the creation of interactive elements, JavaScript is becoming increasingly used for other things – including back-end web development.

The Right Resources To Help You Learn

Online coding courses: Online coding courses, are one of the best ways to get a feel for a new programming language. You can get most of these courses for free or at very low prices, especially if you take advantage of the coupon code offered and you can also get the courses with free certifications.

Textbooks: Code reference books are a great resource that every single beginner should make use of.

YouTube videos: Online videos and video tutorials are great resources that can help you get your head around complex concepts.

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