Governor Anne Waiguru’s has been impeached

June 9, 2020

The Kirinyaga County Assembly deliberated on the much anticipated impeachment motion filed against Governor Anne Waiguru.

The impeachment motion was tabled in the Assembly on March 31 by Mutira Ward Representative David Kinyua Wangui. Who had the support of at least 24 MCAs in the 33 member legislature accused the first-term governor of abuse of office, gross misconduct and violation of the Constitution.

The Member of County Assembly claims Waiguru deliberately failed to submit county plans and policies to the County Assembly for approval.

The ward representative alleged the Governor intentionally failed to issue the State of the County Address, “thus undermining the County assembly’s authority”.

The Governor is also accused of irregularly awarding tenders and buying a county vehicle without tendering.

The MCA highlighted a company identified as Joames Investment Limited as a beneficiary of a tender awarded by the Governor without following the due process.

She is also accused of irregularly allocating herself imprests for trips abroad.

“The governor used her office to improperly confer a benefit to herself when she was irregularly paid for travel allowances by way of imprests amounting to Sh10, 634, 614/= yet she did not travel,” the sponsor of the motion stated.

The former Devolution Cabinet Secretary, dismissed as petty propaganda claims that she had been benefited from government tenders.

Waiguru has termed the motion illegal, claiming she had obtained a court order stopping any proceedings by the Assembly on the impeachment motion “until the numerous issues that we raised in the court were determined. In the meantime i reiterate once again i shall not be bullied. My single and unceasing interest is to serve the people who elected me, all else will be vindicated by law, truth and justice.

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