Google to Allow Retailers Link PayPal, Google Merchant Center Accounts

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Retailers can now link their PayPal and Google Merchant Center accounts to run Google’s free Shopping Ads. Their brick-and-mortar stores shut down and all sales moved online. This meant that advertisers can augment paid campaigns with free listings.

In April, Google took steps to make it free to sell on its search engine by opening the Shopping tab primarily to free listings. The move supports companies in a time of crisis as retailers deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now merchants can link their PayPal account, which speeds up the process and allows those that are already in the system to speed the process.

Each payment through PayPal is likely to cost the retailer a service fee similar to one consumers must pay when they transfer funds.

PayPal has seen increased activity during the COVID-19 pandemic since money has been going through PayPal’s system.

On Monday, PayPal raised $4 billion in the corporate bond market, “underscoring how companies that make life under lockdown easier can also borrow cheaply,” according to MarketWatch.

How to get started. After you log into Google Merchant Center, click on the Tools icon in the upper left navigation and then “Linked accounts” under the Settings menu. Select “Platforms” and you’ll see the option to link your PayPal account.

You’ll need to opt into Surfaces across Google in order to have your products eligible to appear in organic listings on Google Shopping, Search, Images and elsewhere.

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[…] Google to Allow Retailers Link PayPal, Google Merchant Center Accounts […]