Forgiveness in sports.

Sympathy, pity, fellow feeling what most people don’t really understand fully when it comes to athletes. This means that you are able and ready to forgive. If you want to make it in life, you will never be able to move forward to being the best without being able to forgive yourself (or your teammates) for mistakes and failings you or they do knowingly or unknowingly.

As a leader, or person in general who has been placed in a leadership position your ability to inspire and motivate your team rests in how much concern you can take up for them when they stumble and fall. In addition, you must be able to forgive yourself when you fail and not carry it with you forward.

Do you know getting and giving forgiveness is part of one’s success in life. Without getting or asking because most of us don’t ask for forgiveness from others you will never learn from and get over your failures and setbacks. You need to feel free enough to put it all on the line and really go for it. Without giving forgiveness to others who hurt you when they know or not act as a major part of you living a lonely life filled with bitterness and regret. Lonely because people who can’t forgive ultimately end up pushing people away from them I think not to stay away but just protect themselves from pain. We all get hurt and feel pain but some take a long time to heal, question is will your friends, family etc be willing to wait for you to finally open up or they will accept the fact that you have left and don’t care why. You feel me?

In sports y’all will meet fam its better to make amends early since when it comes to the field its no longer about you but the whole team. Why keep something inside that needs to get out? Let them know how you feel even if they dont care for you not them. People are different some will care others will insult you for being too emotional. In sports it stops being about you unless you are ZLATAN LMAO! Try and talk about it, if you dont get enough play time let them know, show them you deserve that spot too, mind how you talk to others its okay to let what you feel out but make sure they dont get hurt.

Without being able to forgive yourself, you’ll never ultimately feel that you’re good enough, and feel like whatever you do can never match to what your friends do or where they are in life.

Remember the story of the prodigal son? from Luke 15:11-32. He came back and the father accepted him. I know we live in a world where most people are selfish and dont care much about what we feel but would rather conclude and let you be and maybe you needed that one person to just keep pushing and not give up on you. I pray and hope that you find the peace you are looking for man and forgive them even if they dont think its necessary or dont see why.