First outplay them all and then challenge me in Brazil !

When Team Gamerz fc from Kenya claimed the golden ticket to the #RedBullNeymarJrsFive World Final in Brazil

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Nairobi! but this one came with not the usual going to church plans then later hang out with friends kind of day.

WE all gathered at the Railways club where this year’s Neymar five Aside competition was set to take place, Redbull had gathered a total of about a hundred and eighteen teams which had signed up from Nairobi. My team signed up around three teams to participate I mean it was FREE to sign up and participate! Two teams got eliminated sadly ahahah funny thing was we did not have enough players who came out to play, while we were playing in one pitch we heard our team B being called on another pitch LMAO. Our plan was to play and finish all the games on one pool then go and play again on the second pool bytheway we were only four players with a total of eighteen matched to play in a single day. I know right, but Mungu ni Mungu aki, One team proceeded until the finals GAMERZ FC which had

Roberto Asman
Maxwell Mbevi
Kenn Armstrong
Evanson Ake
Boniface Rang’ondi
Joseph Milosh

who managed to go all the way to the finals which was happening at City Park from 7pm. We all turned up to support our boyz who managed to beat all the other teams from Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa to emerge as this year’s Neymar 5aside winners who are now set to Represent Kenya in Brazil!.

That day I drove to the venue but Fundi kumbe alieka bags kwa boot LMAO and I forgot to check it when I was leaving! I reached TUK and something told me to park and check OMG the bags we all there AHAHHAHA so I had to turn and go back to the venue again at around 10.30pm hapo.

All I can say is we have seen the hand of God through out the tournament! I’m filled with tears of joy because manze God is amazing.

Over 100,000 players from more than 40 countries across six continent set to outplaying all other teams to make it to the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five World Final. A women’s competition was also played in 10 countries. where only the strongest teams made it through and will now travel to Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr in Praia Grande, Brazil on 12-13 July, where the 2019 World Champions will be crowned.

One international team is set to compete for the title: the winners of the Jr‘s Global Five competition, where players from all over the world participated by posting videos of their best skills on their Instagram accounts.

The World Final begins this Friday, July 12, with the group stage. The best teams will advance to the knock-out stage on Saturday and battle it out in the round of 16, quarter-finals and semi-finals. Then later on will have the top two women’s and mixed teams face each other in the final of each division.

The event is hosted at Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr, a private, located in Jardim Glória, in Praia Grande, where Neymar Jr spent much of his childhood, and now he is catering to 2,470 underprivileged children aged between 7 and 14.

Red Bull Neymar Jr‘s Five will return for the fifth time in 2020.

Better stay tuned!