FIFA are exploring the possibility of getting rid of linesmen and other officials on match day by replacing them with robots.

It’s been revealed a specific department has been created by FIFA to explore the impact technology could have on football, and if the findings rule in favor of the technology then it’s possible that the infamous offside flag could become a thing of the past. In an exclusive Mirror report.

FIFA already have a department set up researching into these exact areas which will be looking at replaing referee assistants completely with cameras and computers ruling offsides and throw-ins?

We could be a few years away from seeing this technology included in the game. The thought of robots replacing match officials will come as a shock following the controversy VAR is still often seeped in.

Many football fans are still VAR skeptics so the ambition for more technology may need to be over ruled.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino is a huge VAR advocate so the ambition for more technology doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

Premier League VAR chief Neil Swarbrick has defended VAR and denied that control is being taken away from referees during matches.

He also stated that the concerns of VAR ruining celebrations due to fans being unaware if a goal will inevitably stand after it’s scored.

“It’s because people are not used to it yet. Sometimes it provides even more entertainment.” the former referee stated.

We’re three weeks into VAR’s inaugural Premier League season and Manchester City have felt the consequences in two games so far, with Raheem Sterling being ruled offside by his arm.

They were also denied two points against Tottenham Hotspur following a VAR review which judged Aymeric Laporte’s involvement in Gabriel Jesus’ potential winner goal as handball.

Technology seems to be entering the game at a rapid pace as the debate surrounding it will surely rage on.

Do you think technology is taking a prominent role in football?