Everyone of us was created with unique abilities and purpose!

Most people never expect you to amount to anything and will try to keep you from moving forward.

Jesus fulfilled his purpose on earth and no one can ever be compared to him or what he accomplished. Angel Gabriel was sent to visit Mary who then lived in Nazareth married to a man named Joseph. ‘Do not be afraid for you have found favor with God, and you will give birth to a son who you must name Jesus.’ said angel Gabriel to Mary.

Have you ever had those moments where you found yourself dreaming of how your future would look like? having that dream job or car, being married to that guy/lady, It feels nice right… But how about thoughts on what your purpose in life could look like? questions like why God placed you in certain situations? Why he let that one go even though you loved them? and so much more doubts.

Is there someone you truly hate? oops don’t like at all. I know they should even deserve the love and compassion you show them, right? But Jesus was nice to everybody because he knew they were hurting inside. This was his way of showing LOVE because he loves us and we should extend the same to others even if they don’t deserve it.

Jesus did a lot of things to encourage his followers back then and now because he knew why God sent him on earth. By the help of the Holy spirit he made it though and this shows that while we strive to seek our purpose here on earth it wont be easy. Sometimes we get treated like trash man! it hurts the most if that person is someone you love so much. Jesus wants to help us through this difficult times we only need to surrender everything by allowing him to take charge (Matthew 11:28-30).

Who do you turn to when its too much to carry? I turn to Ice cream or cry it all out. How about you…

Jesus gave us his life as a sacrifice I mean God would have sent his angels to help or help him escape but this was his purpose here on earth which he did not leave until it was done. Romans 5:8 (God’s love is beyond our sinful nature, he loves us still)

I pray that as you continue in pursuit of finding your purpose you will include Jesus in every step, ask him to show you signs also don’t ignore them because of the packaging.

Make it your goal to follow him!