Disclaimer: Not a Fooball Post!

Soooo, Hi hope mko poa? wikendi imekua poa pia.

Yesterday I went to church like every other Sunday , I mean lol well not exactly but this one was different.

Reached there like 30min late because I had to drop my family kwa church (my former church) then I drove off to Nairobi west to ICC (International Christian Center) where I serve. We normally have CG connecting group meetings at 9am then service starts at 10.15am.

Our pasi talked about thanksgiving from Luke 17:11-19 the story of them ten lepers. Question: Can you be a person of Faith, obedience and process, all with Thanksgiving?

We are planning a concert called One Nation One Worship that I’ll be part of this year, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay as a singer! Yup I do sing man I do alora things Lol but we had our first meeting later that afternoon after my lunch date with myself at this cool chips mwitu place I discovered while I was waiting for 2.15pm ahahahah!

Then kulikua na another event happening at church from 3pm called Dua about mental illness and all. I normally sit at the back ahahah dont know why though but it was a lovely concert manze but when the speaker came on stage to talk about signs of mental illness and GUESS WHAT! I ticked like 90% of those signs man and I realised that I’m actually depressed manze. Those who know me wanajua I dont open up alot like Nope but I have been in a really bad place lately. I have alot going on right now as we speak but I wont tell no one about it.

I’m sooo hurt by alot of things, alot of things have really hurt me recently and nimefika place If I feel like you are making me struggle I normally leave aki like I either tell you umeshinda or I just delete your number and move on. Think I havent healed manze, I used to be outgoing but now I love being inside the room, curtain closed and keep the world outside.

Haven’t had thoughts on suicide though maybe because if they come, I’ll choose to leave without thinking twice.

I promise to try and talk to someone but maybe not now! Just wanted to let this out.