Covid 19: Kenya coronavirus: 607 cases

Government on Thursday confirmed that it will foot bills of suspected persons quarantined for COVID-19 after many people have been stuck in isolation centres long after they were supposed to leave because they cannot afford the bills.

The isolation facilities are charging at least $20 (£16) a day.

This move is set to encourage more people to avail themselves for testing.

A group of people quarantined in the capital Nairobi jumped the walls of the facility and escaped. President Kenyatta at the time vowed to them rearrested and quarantined duly.

Mass testing measures rolled out in the capital and coastal city of Mombasa has received low turnout much to the concern of authorities. Kenya has as of May 7 confirmed a total of 607 coronavirus cases, including 29 deaths and 197 recoveries.

The government on Wednesday announced a partial lockdown on two virus hotspots, Eastleigh in Nairobi and Mombasa City. The 15-day measure took effect same day starting 7pm local time. All public places in the two areas are to be shutdown. The cases tally for the two areas stood at 68 and 64 respectively.

Kenya case statistics as of May 7 stood at 582 cases, 190 recoveries and 26 deaths.