Coronavirus: Madagascar’s ‘cure’

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It is produced from the artemisia plant – the World Health Organization has said there is no proof of any cure and has advised people against self-medicating.

The drink was launched as Covid-Organics and was being marketed after being tested on fewer than 20 people over a period of three weeks.

“self-medication with any medicines… as a prevention or cure for Covid-19,” WHO.

International trials were under way to find an effective treatment, the WHO added.

In March, the US-based National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health warned against purported coronavirus remedies, including herbal therapies and teas – saying the best way to prevent infection was to avoid exposure to the virus.

On Saturday Madagascar delivered a shipment to Guinea-Bissau.

“I am communicating with Madagascar, and they have already written a letter saying they have discovered some medicine. We will despatch a flight to bring the medicine so that Tanzanians can also benefit. So as the government we are working day and night,” Tanzania’s President John Magufuli .

He has encouraged the public to continue gathering in places of worship, while much of the world has faced lockdown.

Tanzania’s delay in enforcing stricter measures to prevent further spread of coronavirus in the country could have led to the spike in positive cases, according to the WHO.

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