Chelsea transfer news

Hakim Ziyech

Hakim Ziyech has confirmed he will join Chelsea on July 1, as planned.

FIFA recommending player contracts are extended to the end of the 2019/20 season.

“After I signed the contract that was it – on July 1, I am a Chelsea player. I haven’t given it another thought, It’s nice for me to have some clarity. Nobody knows exactly what will happen to the transfer market. Clubs will be more anxious to attract players for large transfer fees,” Ziyech.

Andre Onana

Chelsea are lining up a move for Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana.

Alisson Becker

Chelsea were in ‘talks’ to sign Alisson Becker before he joined Liverpool.

Alisson then joined Liverpool from Roma in 2018 for £67million while Courtois left Chelsea for Real Madrid.


Roma are interested in signing Chelsea winger Pedro this summer, who moved to Stamford Bridge in 2015, winning a Premier League, FA Cup and Europa League title.


“Last year, fans were picking on me a lot because I’d arrived with another manager and, in my opinion, I ended up hearing some things that were honestly unfair. But I’ve never challenged the views of the fans and other people who criticized me. Quite the opposite, actually – it gave me strength because inside I knew they were wrong. Deep in my mind, it was like this: ‘I’m going to prove they’re wrong and work quietly like I’ve always done, because it’s never been easy for me’. I’ve gone through moments like this at every club I’ve played for – this low moment when doubt can come and make you wonder, ‘Should I just leave this place? Maybe there isn’t room for me here. But I embrace this kind of challenge, and I’ve never backed down. It gives me more strength to work even harder, to prove to everyone that I can make it.”

Willian, Olivier Giroud and Pedro

Willian, Olivier Giroud and Pedro are all set to exit Stamford Bridge later this year.

“But Giroud, Willian and Pedro are three top class players who have been really massive for the club, particularly Willian, who’s a club legend, the players and the fans love him. They can use that experience in the same way that Manchester United hung onto Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Gary and Phil Neville.

Achraf Hakimi

Chelsea have reportedly ‘talks’ with Real Madrid over a deal for Achraf Hakimi as Frank Lampard searchs for a new full-back this summer.

He has scored three goals and ten assists in 23 Bundesliga matches.


Willian wants to stay in the Premier League if he leaves Chelsea.

Willian has scored 59 goals in 329 appearances for Chelsea since joining from Anzhi Makhachkala in August 2013.

Olivier Giroud

“You shouldn’t confuse F1 and go karting and that’s me being kind. On to the next topic. I’m not talking about him [Giroud] anymore. I just know that I’m F1. He has his career, he does what he wants and scores the goals that he wants to score. He’s in his corner and I’m in mine; I’m not thinking about him. If we’re talking about playing style, his suits France well. It’s good because there are fast players like Mbappe and Griezmann who play out wide or feed off the centre-forward. When Giroud is up front, he’s a handful for defences, which gives the other two plenty of space to show what they can do,” Benzema.

Manuel Neuer

Chelsea have been linked with a shock move for Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

He has won seven league titles and the Champions League in Munich.

Juan Mata

“When Manchester United called and they said ‘We’re going to go for you and make an offer to Chelsea, we want you to come’, I spoke with them. I really wanted to go and really wanted to feel what it is to be a Manchester United player. I had suffered playing against United with Chelsea and they are definitely one of the biggest clubs in the world. I spoke to Chelsea and said: ‘Listen, there is this offer. It’s also good money and you can sign another player, because I’m telling you so that you have time to sign another player. I’m not playing a lot and want to take this opportunity. It’s perfect for everyone.’ So it happened.”

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