Bundesliga matchday 27 fixtures: May 22 and Sunday May 24.

2023 CECAFA U18: Group A Standings and Upcoming Matches
May 13, 2020
May 22-24Bayern Munich vs Eintracht Frankfurt
May 22-24Borussia Monchengladbach vs Bayer Leverkusen
May 22-24Wolfsburg vs Borussia Dortmund
May 22-24Hertha Berlin vs Union Berlin
May 22-24Mainz vs RB Leipzig
May 22-24Freiburg vs Werder Bremen
May 22-24Schalke vs Augsburg
May 22-24Koln vs Fortuna Dusseldorf
May 22-24Paderborn vs Hoffenheim

Bundesliga matchday 28 fixtures

May 26-27Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich
May 26-27RB Leipzig vs Hertha Berlin
May 26-27Bayer Leverkusen vs Wolfsburg
May 26-27Eintracht Frankfurt vs Freiburg
May 26-27Werder Bremen vs Borussia Monchengladbach
May 26-27Hoffenheim vs Koln
May 26-27Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Schalke
May 26-27Augsburg vs Paderborn
May 26-27Union Berlin vs Mainz

Bundesliga matchday 29 fixtures

May 29-June 1Bayern Munich vs Fortuna Dusseldorf
May 29-June 1Borussia Monchengladbach vs Union Berlin
May 29-June 1Wolfsburg vs Eintracht Frankfurt
May 29-June 1Hertha Berlin vs Augsburg
May 29-June 1Mainz vs Hoffenheim
May 29-June 1Freiburg vs Bayer Leverkusen
May 29-June 1Schalke vs Werder Bremen
May 29-June 1Koln vs RB Leipzig
May 29-June 1Paderborn vs Borussia Dortmund

Bundesliga matchday 30 fixtures

June 5-June 8Borussia Dortmund vs Hertha Berlin
June 5-June 8RB Leipzig vs Paderborn
June 5-June 8Bayer Leverkusen vs Bayern Munich
June 5-June 8Eintracht Frankfurt vs Mainz
June 5-June 8Werder Bremen vs Wolfsburg
June 5-June 8Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Hoffenheim
June 5-June 8Freiburg vs Borssia Monchengladbach
June 5-June 8Augsburg vs Koln
June 5-June 8Union Berlin vs Schalke

Bundesliga matchday 31 fixtures

June 12-June 14Bayern Munich vs Borussia Monchengladbach
June 12-June 14Wolfsburg vs Freiburg
June 12-June 14Hoffenheim vs RB Leipzig
June 12-June 14Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Borussia Dortmund
June 12-June 14Hertha Berlin vs Eintracht Frankfurt
June 12-June 14Mainz vs Augsburg
June 12-June 14Schalke vs Bayer Leverkusen
June 12-June 14Koln vs Union Berlin
June 12-June 14Paderborn vs Werder Bremen

Bundesliga matchday 32 fixtures

June 16-June 17Borussia Dortmund vs Mainz
June 16-June 17RB Leipzig vs Fortuna Dusseldorf
June 16-June 17Bayer Leverkusen vs Koln
June 16-June 17Borussia Monchengladbach vs Wolfsburg
June 16-June 17Eintracht Frankfurt vs Schalke
June 16-June 17Werder Bremen vs Bayern Munich
June 16-June 17Freiburg vs Hertha Berlin
June 16-June 17Augsburg vs Hoffenheim
June 16-June 17Union Berlin vs Paderborn

Bundesliga matchday 33 fixtures

June 20Bayern Munich vs Freiburg
June 20RB Leipzig vs Borussia Dortmund
June 20Hoffenheim vs Union Berlin
June 20Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Augsburg
June 20Hertha Berlin vs Bayer Leverkusen
June 20Mainz vs Werder Bremen
June 20Schalke vs Wolfsburg
June 20Koln vs Eintracht Frankfurt
June 20Paderborn vs Borussia Monchengladbach

Bundesliga matchday 34 fixtures

June 27Borussia Dortmund vs Hoffenheim
June 27Bayer Leverkusen vs Mainz
June 27Borussia Monchengladbach vs Hertha Berlin
June 27Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich
June 27Eintracht Frankfurt vs Paderborn
June 27Werder Bremen vs Koln
June 27Freiburg vs Schalke
June 27Augsburg vs RB Leipzig
June 27Union Berlin vs Fortuna Dusseldorf

Bundesliga league information

The Bundesliga is the top flight in Germany.

There are 18 teams in the Bundesliga and it is considered one of the top 5 leagues in Europe.

The top four in the Bundesliga at the end of the season qualify for the Champions League.

Fifth and sixth positions secure spots in the Europa League and Europa League qualifiers.

The bottom two teams in the Bundesliga are relegated to the Bundesliga II.

Third bottom plays in a relegation play-off against the third top side in the German second division.

The Bundesliga is one of the most competitive leagues out there.

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