BIRTHDAY WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!!! welcome to my channel.

Its my birthday week and month and I’m so excited about it because I kinda missed being excited and happy. I’ve had to change, multiply, subtract and divide somethings in my life because sometimes its okay to allow people to be happy. Like, maybe you are the one who is the toxic one and they never have fun when you are around or change routines so that you can be part of their cycle and circle.

I’ve learnt that its okay if they choose things that make them happy and we normally are not one or some of those things or people.

Its okay if they don’t call to check up on you as often as they can because they don’t find that necessary.

Its okay if they only call to ask for a favor could include money, time, products or even links.

Its okay to look for things that bring us happiness and its reciprocated back.

Its okay to take time off and analyze things then make changes because sometimes they don’t even notice you aren’t there. They have made you feel like that person or thing thst if it disappears no one will even notice.

I pray that God will hold your hand when you pass through such moments and that he’ll remind you that all things are working for your good.

Don’t ever feel scared that you are leaving them or sad or worried because what if they actually are making time for things they love? And you leaving wouldn’t make any impact.

I have grown so much in the recent months.

I joined an all ladies team that only know my name and position I play in the Kenya Womens premier league.

I was almost involved in about three accidents but God made sure they happened where I could find help.

I’m working with Google Africa on a two week project. READ MORE

I’m ‘dating.” Also its like my first ever relationship.

I’m a left back guys! I have a number .

I ‘m reading a book They Don’t Teach This [Eniola Aluko] and its amazing.

Also we have amazing people in this world! I have seen and experienced both and all I can say is you have to experience pain to know happiness when it comes because Love shouldn’t hurt and it’s beautiful.

God anawapenda sana