All the UEFA Women’s Champions League group stage fixtures and results

Kenya Womens Premier League Matchday 6 results and next fixtures
October 13, 2021

The first UEFA Women’s Champions League group stage kicked off on 4 October with six matchdays being played in just over two months.

The 16 contenders compete in four groups, playing home and away until 15 and 16 December. The top two teams in each group will progress to the quarter-finals.

The groups

Group A: Chelsea (ENG), Wolfsburg (GER), Juventus (ITA), Servette (SUI)

Group B
: Paris Saint-Germain (FRA), Breidablik (ISL), Real Madrid (ESP), WFC Kharkiv (UKR)

Group C
: Barcelona (ESP, holders), Arsenal (ENG), Hoffenheim (GER), HB Køge (DEN)

Group D
: Bayern München (GER), Lyon (FRA), Häcken (SWE), Benfica (POR)

Matchday 1

Tuesday 5 October
Group C: Hoffenheim 5-0 HB Køge, Barcelona 4-1 Arsenal 
Group D
: Häcken 0-3 Lyon, Benfica 0-0 Bayern München 

Wednesday 6 October
Group A: Servette 0-3 Juventus, Chelsea 3-3 Wolfsburg
Group B: WFC Kharkiv 0-1 Real Madrid, Breidablik 0-2 Paris Saint-Germain

Matchday 2

Wednesday 13 October
Group A: Wolfsburg vs Servette , Juventus vs Chelsea 
Group B: Paris Saint-Germain vs WFC Kharkiv, Real Madrid vs Breidablik

Thursday 14 October
Group C:HB Køge vs Barcelona , Arsenal vs Hoffenheim 
Group D
: Bayern München vs Häcken, Lyon vs Benfica 

Matchday 3

Tuesday 9 November
Group A: Servette vs Chelsea, Juventus vs Wolfsburg
Group B
: WFC Kharkiv vs Breidablik, Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid

Wednesday 10 November
Group C:Barcelona vs Hoffenheim, HB Køge vs Arsenal 
Group D
: Benfica vs Häcken , Lyon vs Bayern München

Premier League champions Manchester City begin their 2021/22 season under way at Tottenham Hotspur when the new season kicks off on the weekend of August 14.

Matchday 4

Wednesday 17 November
Group C: Hoffenheim vs Barcelona, Arsenal vs HB Køge
Group D: Häcken vs Benfica, Bayern München vs Lyon

Thursday 18 November
Group A: Wolfsburg vs Juventus, Chelsea vs Servette
Group B: Breidablik vs WFC Kharkiv, Real Madrid vs Paris Saint-Germain

Matchday 5

Wednesday 8 December
Group A: Servette vs Wolfsburg, Chelsea vs Juventus
Group B
: WFC Kharkiv vs Paris Saint-Germain, Breidablik vs Real Madrid

Thursday 9 December
Group C: HB Køge vs Hoffenheim, Arsenal vs Barcelona
Group D
: Häcken vs Bayern München, Benfica vs Lyon

Matchday 6

Wednesday 15 December
Group C: Barcelona vs HB Køge, Hoffenheim vs Arsenal
Group D: Bayern München vs Benfica, Lyon vs Häcken

Thursday 16 December
Group A:Juventus vs Servette, Wolfsburg vs Chelsea
Group B
: Real Madrid vs WFC Kharkiv , Paris Saint-Germain vs Breidablik

Knockout stage dates

Quarter-final & semi-final draw
20 December

First leg: 22/23 March
Second leg: 30/31 March

First leg: 23/24 April
Second leg: 30 April/1 May

Final (Juventus Stadium, Turin)

Chelsea also have five players on the list – Magdalena Eriksson, Sam Kerr, Pernille Harder, Jessie Fleming and Kirby.

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