Champions League holders Liverpool take on Europa League winners Chelsea in Istanbul tonight and Frenchwoman Frappart, 35, will take charge of a major men’s Uefa cup final.

Frappart, has officiated in numerous Ligue 1 games in France, will be assisted by Italy’s Manuela Nicolosi and Ireland’s Michelle O’Neill – the same trio which took charge of the Women’s World Cup final in June.

“It is time it happens. I have not a lot of experience with female referees. In Germany, Bibiana Steinhaus is doing them and it took a while until she was considered to be ready. I am happy we can be part of that historical moment. I think there are still so many things in the world out there that we are obviously not smart enough to make the right decision, so it is a very, very smart decision that we can finally bring a woman to be the referee of a very, very important game, a big game in front of millions of people.” Klopp said.

“It’s great news. I’m very pleased to be a part of this moment in history.” Lampard said.

“What I said before, gender doesn’t matter at all.” Virgil van Dijk added.

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