Raheem Sterling : Here is why Chelsea should have been hit with 9-point deduction.

Man City and England player Raheem Sterling thoughts on the rise of racism in football.

Sterling has been a victim in the most shocking incidents this season.

A handful of Chelsea fans racially abused him during a Premier League match.

Raheem Sterling spoke out against racism abuse of England players during their 5–1 win in Montenegro.

I don’t think generally that walking off the pitch is a great solution, players should not be punished for it. Punishments need to be made harsher and money just doesn’t hurt the rich clubs or football associations.

I would suggest for an automatic nine-point deduction for racist abuse. It sounds harsh but which fan will risk racist behavior if it might relegate their team or ruin their title bid?

As well as that, the club should have to play three games behind closed doors. That way, they lose revenue as a direct consequence of racist behavior.

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